Wellstrong Featured in the Cape Cod Times

TEATICKET — To the tune of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” a dozen women at the Wellstrong sober gym twisted from side to side as they pounded the floor with weighted green drumsticks.

“Break those sticks!” yelled instructor Sandra Miranda.

Her long blond hair flipped across her face as she led the class through a series of squats and kicks, moving to the beat during the appropriately titled “Pound Fitness” exercise class.

The women smiled through their sweat as they smacked the floor with quarter-pound drumsticks and clapped them over their heads.

It’s a safe way to release resentments, said an assistant instructor who wanted to be known only as Amelia O.

“Especially for women, we aren’t really encouraged to let out aggression and anger,” said Amelia, who also takes yoga, body sculpting and kickboxing classes at the gym, which opened Dec. 1, 2017.

Founded by Amy Doherty, of Centerville, after her brother David Lewis died while in recovery at age 39, the Wellstrong gym brings together people in recovery from substance abuse with instructors who are also in recovery.

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