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WellStrong’s mission is to create safe, supportive communities of people in recovery from substance use disorder through fitness, wellness and meditation.

How it all Began

From her perspective, Amy Doherty knows well the difference a life in recovery can make. She grew up in a home where her father’s alcoholism contributed to chaos, anger, and instability in her family life; but that began to change when she was twelve-years-old, and her father stopped drinking. Through a 12-Step program and his sculpting, her Dad’s recovery brought healing, love and security back to her family life.

Years later, Amy’s family recognized that her brother David was struggling with his own addiction to drugs and alcohol…

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“Staying active and healthy keeps me feeling motivated, positive and accomplished. Exercise, yoga and meditation are a way for me to channel all my energy into a calm and positive direction. It’s one of the most beneficial forms of therapy in my recovery.”
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