Ben Haas Talks Importance of Community, Stopping Stigma and Fitness for People in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder

On October 16th, Ben Haas discussed his work on “StopStigma” and it’s role in addiction and recovery from substance use disorder on “Crosscheck Radio” of Power Forward.

This powerful piece highlights how community and stopping stigma can and does SAVE LIVES!

The conversation also touches on WellStrong and our role in the recovery community. Ben breaks down certain classes and wellness programs that WellStrong offers for people in recovery. WellStrong is a safe and supportive space that is here to help members to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit in order to stay sober. Community, accountability and wellness all play in a role in what makes WellStrong effective and unique.

(He appears beginning at minute 31:49)


Big thanks to Kevin Stevens, Alyssa Horton, Andy Bernstein, and Kelli Wilson for having Ben on the show!