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WellStrong is community environment that supports anyone with a desire to maintain recovery through fitness, mindfulness and other wellness activities. The support of peers, all aiming to achieve their goals, creates an environment of healing, strength and empowerment.

Exercise and taking care of my body has literally made the biggest difference in my sobriety . Running the Falmouth road race this year showed me that I can set a goal, achieve it and then continue to improve myself.


Staying active and healthy keeps me feeling motivated, positive and accomplished. Exercise, yoga and meditation are a way for me to channel all my energy into a calm and positive direction. It’s one of the most beneficial forms of therapy in my recovery.

Fitness and recovery are very similar to me in that, they both take hard work and persistence, through the sweat and tears, the ups and downs but sticking to it and pushing through the hard times of life and plateaus, the journey will be worth it when you see yourself grow towards a better you!!!!
“Addiction broke me. Left me shattered. frantically trying to make some semblance of the sharp shards left of my life. Mental and physical well being didn’t only take a back seat, it was kicked out of the car as my sickness took the wheel. Working out and other activities I enjoyed became a distant memory and it wasn’t long before my basic needs to live Like eating and sleeping were second to my drug of choice. Its a disease of more that I madly indulged in, gave to, and when I had nothing left to give, it took at will. It brought me to my knees, spiritually, mentally, and physically. And when I thought I reached my end and was all alone, it took my last ounce of strength to say three words: I need help. And it was those three words that set in motion my journey of discovery in self worth, self love, and the realization that I was not alone. I needed others. Other people to remind me not to undervalue what I am and not overvalue what I am not. They taught me that the drugs were just a symptom of my disease, and that same disease can manifest itself in multiple ways in my life. But I also learned I can channel that manifestation into healthier coping strategies. I rekindled the most damaged relationship I had: the one with myself. I have only one body, mind, and spirit, and I set out to improve each one to become the best version of myself I can be. My passion before substance abuse took control was sports and the Gym. So I set realistic personal goals and set out to achieve them. Never overwhelming myself and knowing everything about my life can be a work in progress as long as I’m moving forward. Working out has strengthened my physical and mental wellbeing. And once you start seeing and feeling results, the addiction grabs hold, but this time in a healthy head space. I may have once been broken. But there’s a japanese word called kintsukuroi: which is the art of repairing something with gold, emphasizing that something is more beautiful having once been broken. I can only do my part in this world. And If I can do what others did for me and inspire just one person to find their self worth by being a living and breathing example, and guide them to believe they are meant for better things, then that’s what I’ll strive to. The same spiritual principles I’m taught in recovery I can apply in the gym, and in turn incorporate into my everyday life. I’m waking up happy and determined these days, and if I’m ever weak on my feet, it’s usually because yesterday was leg day.”